What They Don’t Tell You About Living in Canada

As we continue our series on French-speaking countries we want to talk about some of the lesser-known facts about living in the great country of Canada.

What They Don’t Tell You About Living in Canada

You know it’s cold and you know ice hockey is the national sport, but what don’t you know about the country? There are certain things about Canada that you only learn once you move. Here are the things only those living in Canada ever find out!

There’s a Tim Hortons Around the Corner

You’ve likely heard of Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme, but what about Tim Hortons? This is where all Canadians get their donuts and morning coffee. At least, that’s what you’ll believe when you start driving around. One town with 70,000 people in can have at least five Tim Hortons locations, because it really is that popular!

A&W and McDonalds will be close behind for burgers.

Fries with Gravy and Cheese Has a Name

And that name is Poutine! Yes, you need to start liking this combination, as you will find it absolutely everywhere. In fact, people will look at you strange if you mentioned not liking the idea of it. The dish is so popular that everyone will have their opinion on who makes the best, but you’ll only get the perfect dish in Montreal.

It’s Not Just About Extreme Cold

You’ll know Canada is cold, but what about the heat? Many people overlook the fact that it’s possible to get 40C+ heat throughout the country. The summers can be so unbearable that heat warnings are put out on the radio. You will literally be advised to stay indoors unless necessary. If you don’t have air con, public libraries, malls and other locations will be open as a safe haven.

Guns Are Popular but Not in the Way You Think

The Americans have a gun culture that the whole world knows about, but what about their cousins across the border? Well, in Canada, guns are popular but not in the way you think. It’s not normal to have a handgun, but perfectly acceptable to have hunting guns. You’ll see them in Canadian Tire and other similar stores. But there are a lot of restrictions on the guns and you need to have a hunting license. Guns are tools, not toys!

You Can Hear 140 Languages in Toronto Alone

While you know that English and French are the two official languages, the whole country is extremely more diverse. In fact, 140 different languages are spoken in Toronto alone (although they’re not official languages). At least half of the population in the city were born outside of Canada. Vancouver, though, has the biggest population of British immigrants. A great thing about the country is different cultures can integrate seamlessly, as long as everyone makes an effort.

It Can Take Months to Find a Job

Despite signs everywhere of vacancies, the job application process is slow. It can take people months to land a job, so you’ll definitely want enough money to survive for that time while you search.

Are you ready to move to Canada? Make sure you’re ready with the lesser known facts.

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