The Canadian Provinces and Territories in French

Canada is a country situated in North America where both English and French are official languages. Of the ten provinces and three territories Québec is the only one where French is the only official language, although both French and English are official languages in New Brunswick. None of the other provinces have French as an official language, however there are minority communities scattered throughout the country where French is spoken. All three territories also recognize French as an official language.

Province in EnglishProvince in French
Albertal'Alberta (f)
British Columbiala Colombie-Britannique
Manitobale Manitoba
New Brunswickle Nouveau-Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labradorla Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador
Northwest Territories*les Territoires du Nord-Ouest (m)
Nova Scotiala Nouvelle-Écosse
Nunavut*le Nunavut
Ontariol'Ontario (m)
Prince Edward Islandl'île-du-Prince-Édouard (f)
Quebecle Québec
Saskatchewanla Saskatchewan
Yukon*Le Yukon / le territoire du Yukon

*Northern Territories, Nunavut and Yukon are territories and not provinces

The below table shows what you would call someone from each of the provinces and territories in both English and French.

What Someone is Called in EnglishWhat Someone is Called in French
British ColumbianBritanno-Colombien(ne)
New BrunswickerNéo-Brunswickois(e)
Northwest TerritorianTénois(e)
Nova ScotianNéo-Écossais(e)
Prince Edward IslanderPrince-Édouardien(ne)
Quebecer or QuebeckerQuébécois(e)